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Factoring of your insurance, commercial, and not at fault recovery invoices. Get started today and have a dependable cash flow.
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The Services we offer

Factoring of insurance invoices
Factoring of commercial invoices
Factoring of invoices for not-at-fault recoveries
Payment overnight (or within 2 hours if required)

Smash Repair Industry

AFC has revolutionised the way panel shops transact in factoring their invoices. Put simply, we’re a digital business. You send in your invoices (any way you prefer) and we do the rest. All of it – right through to the collection from the debtor!

At 4:00 pm each day we press a button and everyone gets paid into their nominated bank account.

Why Australian
Factoring Company?

The team at AFC is committed to you, our client. Every business has its unique features and indeed many often have a cash flow issue. AFC is always there to support our clients. Ask around, and you’ll hear the praise.