Who We Are

Australian Factoring Company is part of the portfolio of companies within Butn Limited.

Management and staff are highly experienced and committed to providing outstanding service to all our clients. Our processes and procedures have been adopted from the best practices recognised in the industry and include same day automated transacting

Contact Us now on 1300 232 669 for an obligation free chat and we can explain the straightforward, uncomplicated, fast, reliable, and cost-effective way in which we transact with all our clients.

Why US

Experience Counts!

Managing the cash flow of any business can be stressful.

For this reason businesses entrust Australian Factoring Company to deliver their cash flow solutions.
You will receive same–day payments to the full value of your invoices (less an agreed Debtor Finance Fee), allowing you to put your cash to immediate and more efficient use.

We manage the collection of your invoices saving you the time and effort involved in chasing debtors. We are your accounts receivable!

Our Team

Walter Rapoport

Walter’s experience spans manufacturing, importing, sales and marketing, and financial services – particularly the factoring of invoices, and by upholding world-best practice he warrants that all AFC’s clients are reliably supported with a dependable cash flow.

Rael Ross

Rael has business building and investment experience and is passionate about guiding businesses of all sizes to successful outcomes. He brings many financial and consulting skills particularly in commercial credit management and financial services innovation.

Mythilli Kandala

Mythilli's focus is ensuring all clients’ daily cash flow funding requests are seamlessly concluded. She brings much experience in commercial receivables management, management of debtors overall, with a particular focus on client liaison.

Karen Smith

Karen has vast experience in all aspects of factoring commercial invoices, especially the procedures involved in panel shop factoring. Every AFC client repeatedly attests to her marvellous transactional support and attentiveness.

Helen Graber

Helen is responsible for AFC's debtor management across all industry sectors. She is thoroughly familiar with the motor vehicle insurance sector and ensures AFC's clients are consistently compliant with all relevant guidelines from each and every one debtor, particularly with insurance companies.

Elizabeth Baker-McFall

Elizabeth presents a friendly and enthusiastic approach to all transactions, with a focus on high quality customer care and complete support to the team’s operations. With the team she ensures that all clients’ payables are settled each day, without delay.

Jacinta Gray

Jacinta fosters strong client relationships with all clients and has a well developed understanding of all factoring requisites. She ensures that all submitted factoring invoices are handled rapidly, resulting in a positive experience for each client.

Natalia Darmawaty

Natalia delivers best user experience for General Business clients completing all transactions in a professional and timely manner. She ensures integrity and accuracy in all the multi-tasks involved in funding clients’ cashflows.